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Email marketing

Improve your marketing results with great looking HTML emails, effortless campaign management and fantastic reports.

Reach more people with email marketing

It's an accepted rule of marketing that you need multiple 'touches' with a new customer before they'll buy from you, and it's a second rule that you need to test your results to get the best return on investment. Email marketing gives you both these advantages and more, and it's cheap and easy to manage.

Multiple 'touches'

Email marketing works best with people who have expressed an interest in your services or products. We send our own graphic email every month with at least one free tip and some updates on our services, and while we accept that not everyone leaps for joy when we appear in their inbox or necessarily reads our valuable insights, they do remember us.

Customers and potential customers who receive regular - and useful - emails, will be more likely to remember you when they or someone they know needs what you offer. And hopefully they'll have learned a bit more about you along the way.

Consistent message

We'll develop a stylish, branded graphic email that looks like your website, so people will recognise it when it arrives, and your branding stays consistent. We work from a number of templates that have been pre-tested to work on all email applications (a stumbling block for a lot of email marketing), and we'll adapt it to your colour palette and artwork. Your subscribers will receive an attractive, branded email from someone they trust.

Track your results

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of our email marketing service is the online reporting. From the second your campaign is sent, you can see how many people have opened your email, who they are, and even what links they clicked. This allows you to test different content, and you can integrate with Google Analytics. You pay just £5 per campaign and 1p per recipient, so an email to 1000 recipients would cost £15.

Save time

The most effective email marketing is regular - not intrusive or irritating emails, but a fairly frequent and predictable update. Our own preference is monthly, but it all depends on your subscribers, and what you've got to say. The disappointing reality is that most people won't read every email, but once in a while a specific message will connect, or you'll just catch them when they've got more time.

Our online email marketing service lets you write and send your campaigns in minutes. Once we've created a template, you can just select your subscribers, write text and select images, and then send. We'd estimate no more than 20 minutes to write and send each email campaign, which makes it easier for you to send the kind of regular emails that work.

Administration like subscriber management is all taken care of too, which is another time saver that makes email marketing realistic for every business. You can add new subscribers or even integrate automatically with an existing database, and if your recipients want to unsubscribe or their email no longer works, your database is updated instantly and with no effort.

To see more examples and find out what else we can offer, please get in touch.

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