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Content Management

Content management systems (CMS) let you make instant, free changes to your website. A website that is regularly updated will encourage people to come back, appear more highly on search engines, and give a more accurate picture of your business.

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Save time and money

We build BlueEdit around your site, so you get exactly what you need. If you've got documents, a news database or a product catalogue, you can update them. No need to wait for us to carry out the work or pay our maintenance fees. Make changes yourself - instantly and free.

BlueEdit is developed as part of your website so it's not dependent on us. No licence fees or maintenance contract, and you can move it to another hosting company or web developer without restrictions.

We've built BlueEdit to be simple, so anyone can get started instantly, and it works just like a website so you already know how to use it. We provide on-site or phone training and of course we're still available if you need us, but based on what our clients say, you probably won't need any help.

"The thing I love is BlueEdit - it's fantastic, it's easy, you explained it once and I haven't had to ask about it again." Anna Cooper, Travelling Lightly.

Content Management

Get better results

Your website will promote your business better if it keeps changing, and with today's web access and social media, people expect more online. Updates could be as simple as adding an occasional news item or updating the home page, or as advanced as an interactive blog, and Facebook and Twitter updates. The possibilities of social media and web marketing can be overwhelming, but BlueEdit makes it easy.

Can BlueEdit be added to an existing website?

Our content management system is not a bolt-on tool, so we will need to develop your website again from scratch. However, this is not as lengthy or costly as it might sound, and will have other benefits such as improved accessibility and search engine presence. Ask us for a quote.

Find out more

Get in touch to arrange an online demo of BlueEdit on one of our existing websites, and see just how easy it is. Here's a quick list of what you can do (we can add extra features if you need them):


  • See recent activity on your content management system
  • Add pages and edit your menu structure
  • Edit images and extra features like a blog or news items
  • Add your own CMS users and control access
  • Help text on every page

Page editing

  • Create page headings with a distinct font style
  • Quick click buttons for easy formatting
  • Plain text editing makes your job easier
  • Manage page images, documents and other media files
  • Unique search engine content for every page
  • Comprehensive list of formatting tags

Product editing

  • Unique product fields based on your needs
  • Plain text content for product description
  • Manage images for each product
  • Online price management and special offers
  • Unique search engine content and sensible pagenames for every product

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