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20% off our services

Calendar Posted 13th December 2011 | Category: Company | Feed Icon


We know it's Christmas and you're starting to wind down, but if you're planning any changes or even a new website we're offering 20% off services confirmed before Friday 23rd December.

As much as we love Christmas, it can leave our January work schedule a bit quiet, which is why we're offering a discount for this month only. Whether you're already a client or thinking of switching to us; whether you want a whole new website, a new feature or some SEO work: get in touch and confirm the work before 23rd and we'll give you 20% off. It's that simple.

For larger projects we may require a 25% deposit, and this offer does not apply to our discounted rate for upfront hours. If you have any questions call Ben on 01242 244620 or email ben@bluelinemedia.co.uk. Read more...

A dynamic scrolling HTML table With miniview using Mootools JavaScript

Calendar Posted 6th December 2011 | Category: Web Design | Feed Icon



When developing a site, there are some rare occasions when a plain HTML table just isn't enough. Clients often ask "Can we have it scroll?", "Can we keep the row and column headings in sight?" and "Can we have a minimap with a scrollable window and a perfectly to scale tiny view of the main table that scrolls in sync with it, that the client can click or drag to view different sections?". Ok, that last one might be a bit of an exaggeration, but then that is the point of a client isn't it? To stretch your capabilities, ask for the impossible and then expect nothing less.

Luckily this tutorial will deliver all these things (!) and on the way, we can explore some of the functionality of the MooTools framework and the concept of progressive enhancement using JavaScript. So where do we start? Surprisingly, we'll start with the people who will benefit the least from your newly acquired expertise - people who somehow live with a browser that doesn't run JavaScript. These people will still need to see the table and understand its contents, as will search engines and people using screen readers or other accessibility software. So, lets start with a simple HTML table that everyone can use and understand.

View the basic table here

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