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PCI DSS compliance for websites

Calendar Posted 21st April 2011 | Category: Web Design | Feed Icon


If you're taking credit or debit card payments for your e-commerce site you need to be compliant with the new "PCI DSS" requirements.

What are PCI DSS?

PCI DSS stands for the Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standards. The PCI is an organisation made up of major card companies like Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express.

These new international standards are designed to improve the security of card payments and reduce fraud. Read more...

How we add value to your web project

Calendar Posted 18th April 2011 | Category: Web Development | Feed Icon


When you hire Bluelinemedia, you're not just getting a developer who will run through your work list. We add value to your project with ideas, feedback and improvements. Every stage of our process helps both you and us to think more about what you need.

First meeting

We try to get back to the basics of the project by finding out not just what you want but why, what your ultimate objectives are, your customers and products. If we know more about your fundamental objectives, we can come up with better and different ideas about all the various little issues and decisions that come up during design and development.


Rather than rushing into a list of work tasks, we spend time on the design and requirements stage. This is not just to make the development more efficient, but also to make you think differently about what you want. During the design phase we talk about page layout or "wireframes" first, then build on this with graphic design and colour. We ask things like your favourite sites, customer types, what process they should take on your website, and more. This dialogue helps us learn more about your objectives and come up with ideas for you to do it better. Read more...

Web design project process

Calendar Posted 7th April 2011 | Category: Web Design | Feed Icon


We have set up a process for our projects in order to capture your objectives and keep you involved through the development of your project. The following are the 5 key stages of a project:

  • Confirming your project
  • Preparation for development
  • Development
  • Amendments
  • Future support

Confirming your project

Once you have confirmed your project with us we will get you to sign our set of terms, covering issues like intellectual property, See related blog item. We will typically issue a 40% deposit invoice which represents commitment to the project and allows us to be accurate with your schedule.

Preparation for development

In order to understand your project we will produce a draft requirements document which we will ask you to approve or make any amendments. If any amendents fall outside the scope of the project then we will have to quote for these items. Read more...

Why you need a database

Calendar Posted 6th April 2011 | Category: Web Design | Feed Icon


A great deal of websites use databases but what is the reason for this and why should your website use one?

Databases are an excellent way to store website information from order details to website text content. They are quick to retrieve data from and to search so are ideal for use in websites.

One of the main benefits to a client for opting to use a database with a website is to allow the client website administrator to easily and quickly manage the sites content through a content management system (CMS). Read more...

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