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FTP across two websites

Calendar Posted 28th February 2011 | Category: Web Development | Feed Icon


Recently we built 2 separate websites that used the same CMS (content management system). The problem we had with this is when files were uploaded using the CMS, take images for example, they would upload to the website under which the CMS resided. Therefore the images could not be accessed by the second website.

The solution to this problem was to work out which site the images were being uploaded to and if it were the 2nd site, FTP them across. PHP allows you to easily do this. Firstly we need to open a FTP connection.

<code>$aFtpCon = ftp_connect('ftp.example.com');</code>

Interactive timeline

Calendar Posted 28th February 2011 | Category: Web Development | Feed Icon


We recently developed a project timeline for one of our clients that allows users to quickly browse a timeline display with advanced capabilities.

The requirements for this timeline were that it would automatically scroll to the current date and also highlight that date on the timeline itself. The user was to be able to scroll using a button to move a fixed period of 3 months in either direction or to scroll a miniature view window to any position which the main display would then replicate. Finally, the various entries on the 3 views were to cross highlight on the mouse rolling over them. This would allow the user to correlate the various entries.

The obvious solution to this problem would be Flash, but the target environment would not support such an implementation so we used the MooTools JavaScript framework to create all the features described above. We also ensured that the functionality was supported on all major browsers. Read more...

SagePay iFrame integration

Calendar Posted 25th February 2011 | Category: Web Development | Feed Icon


We have set up a number of websites over the years that take payments through the site using a third party to process the credit card information. A common third party supplier is SagePay (formerly Protx), who process the shopping basket or other payment items the website passes through. This involved send through the information from the website to secure pages on the SagePay website. The down side to this is although you could apply basic styling to these pages, they would always look very different to your website. What you are able to do now is embed an iFrame into your website to load up the SagePay credit card forms, passing in the same information and process the details in the same way. The advantage to this is the customer remains on your site and as you are able to style the SagePay forms so they can blend seamlessly into your site. Read more...

Mootools and Ajax features

Calendar Posted 24th February 2011 | Category: Web Design | Feed Icon


Ajax is a method used in web applications to enable the retrieval of data from a server asynchronously in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. This can be extremely useful in web software as it allows the user to interact with a web page without the page having to reload.

Ajax uses a few technologies one of them being JavaScript which is where MooTools comes in. At Bluelinemedia we use the MooTools framework as described in the following blog, How we use Javascript.

Using Ajax with MooTools allows for a much simplier development of Ajax. Read more...

Online shop feedback from Enekes

Calendar Posted 18th February 2011 | Category: Web Design | Feed Icon


We're asking some of our clients and other businesses how they feel about the web. This time it's our client Mark Davies, owner of Enekes.

Briefly describe your business and customers

We sell quality branded luggage and leather goods, we have a wide range of customers from young to old, we have something for everyone.

Who uses your website?

It's a wide range of people, we are finding it's customers looking for specific branded items ie samsonite, brics, antler. Read more...

Basics of web hosting

Calendar Posted 17th February 2011 | Category: Web Design | Feed Icon


What is a domain?

Put simply a web domain forms the main part of your websites address or URL. For example Bluelinemedia's domain name is bluelinemedia.co.uk. You can register many different types of domain names such as .com, .co.uk, .org, .net etc but the structure always remains the same, an alphanumeric string that can also be separated with a hyphen, if the registrant so wishes.

A domain name is registered via a domain registrar and can only be purchased if the domain is not currently in use.

What is web hosting?

Website hosting is where you website resides online. Websites are hosted on servers/computers that have a high speed connection to the internet. You can host a website on nearly any computer but the advantages of using a professional web hosting company such as Clook is you can take advantage of having your website hosted in a data centre. Read more...

Bespoke member event bookings

Calendar Posted 11th February 2011 | Category: Web Development | Feed Icon


We build many bespoke systems and features for our clients. A recent addition to one of our clients websites is member event bookings and online payments.

Members are able to view the details of events online and go through the process of booking themselves and/or their colleagues online. When booking an event the system shows the member their details and their colleagues and whether they are already attending the event, so not to double book. Once deciding who to book, they can then choose from any number of packages associated with the event. These are specific to the particular event and administrators of the site can set up any number of new packages and prices which members can choose from. The details of the booking are confirmed before proceeding to the third party payment screens embedded within the site. Once payment has been taken the member and the administrators get confirmation of the details and the event attendees automatically get populated.

Also by storing the booking details for these members you can also allow the members to log in and view any transactions/bookings they have made as well as print off specifically designed invoices. Read more...

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