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Email marketing

Calendar Posted 29th July 2010 | Category: Web Marketing | Feed Icon


If you didn't already know, we offer a great email marketing service to help you send professional, trackable emails. If you've ever considered email marketing or been frustrated with the results of your own emails, let us help.

We design and send effective, engaging emails and work with Campaign Monitor to give you a complete online resource to manage subscribers, write and send campaigns, and view reports. We can even integrate with your existing website or software so your subscriber list is always up to date.

Find out more at www.bluelinemedia.co.uk/emailmarketing.php

Designers outsource web build

Calendar Posted 26th July 2010 | Category: Web Development | Feed Icon


As well as working directly with clients, we build websites for design agencies as an outsourced service.

For designers, this means you can outsource the technical work and benefit from our experience. We can be visible or invisible to your own clients, and you can focus on your own passion - creating great designs, and looking after your clients.

For clients considering our service, it's easy for us to work with your existing design agency. You can keep costs down by getting design from your print or design supplier, and maintain a good relationship with your design agency. Read more...

Why you (probably) don't need an iPhone app

Calendar Posted 20th July 2010 | Category: Web Development | Feed Icon


A few people have asked us about developing apps for the iPhone, but on the whole we don't think you need one (and not just because we don't develop them). Obviously there are plenty of useful and popular apps on the iPhone and other smartphones, like games and gadgets that are developed specifically for mobile use. (iPhone 4 image courtesy of Apple).

But if you've already got a website and think you should have an iPhone application to go with it, think carefully about what you really need. The main reason to have an iPhone app is so that your customers can use it while they're offline - otherwise you're probably better off customising your existing website and avoiding the investment in new technology, and the risk that your app isn't accepted by the iTunes store.

Instead, get your website developers to make sure your website works properly on mobile browsers. You can even create a stripped-down version of your website with fewer functions, to give mobile users a quick and simple resource. For example, we use Campaign Monitor for our email marketing and where their normal website allows you to manage subscribers and send campaigns, the mobile version simply shows a basic login screen followed by mini reports on your campaigns, which is just what you want if you're having a quick look on your mobile. Read more...

IE meta refresh issue and solution

Calendar Posted 15th July 2010 | Category: Web Development | Feed Icon


Recently we ran across an issue with Internet Explorer 7 and 8. It was only refreshing a page using the meta refresh tag once, when we wanted to refresh the page multiple times. Below is an example of the code we were using.

<code>&lt;meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5" /&gt;</code>

This refreshes the current page after 5 seconds. The problem we had was we were refreshing this page a number of times, until a specific condition was true and then the system would move on. Internet Explorer was having problems with this, it would refresh the page once and then stop. We now believe this is a bug to do with IE where it refuses to refresh the same page more than once. Read more...

Monthly update: Monday 12th July 2010

Calendar Posted 12th July 2010 | Category: Company | Feed Icon


We've got another busy month ahead, with lots of client work including developing a duplicate brochure site for an existing customer, providing some HTML emails for one of our design agency clients, and work on a recruitment system, a global members' website, a website for visually-impaired students, and an online directory of horses.

We're looking forward to getting started on a project with the local constabulary, and a website build for another design agency, and starting live coding on a print website. Plus we've just launched changes to www.thehouseofpandora.com which allow customers to buy a wider variety of products.

Outside client work, we're looking at ways to make our sales and project process better and more systematic, and have bought new furniture and artwork to improve our meeting rooms and staff area. Look for the big screen TV next time you visit! Read more...

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